Thursday, 30 June 2011

Honda Made in Britain Style Competition

A few months ago I entered my Custard Cream Cushions into Honda's facebook based Made in Britain: Style Competition. Aiming to promote homespun British design, the competition highlighted the fact that despite overseas manufacture has become commonplace for so many companies- that a lot of excellent British design (including various models of Honda Cars) are made right here in the UK- which is definitely a good thing!

Anyhoo- after the deadline of the competition was moved back due to the volume of entrants, I was really excited to find out last night that my cushions had been shortlisted as finalists! There are 28 other shortlisted entries including the work of two other Dundee locals: 2011 DJCAD Jewellery graduate Roisin Connolly and vintage-inspired maker Cissyface Vintage. What an abundance of talent Dundee holds!

In other news- thank you to everyone who left me a nice comment, tweeted or blogged about my "Sugared Alan" biscuits inspired by this week's challenge on The Apprentice. I thoroughly enjoyed last nights show (mainly as it was all about biscuits)- however I'm still waiting for ASDA to get in touch with their six-figure offer for exclusivity on my biscuit idea!

Monday, 27 June 2011

"You're Fired!"

I didn't watch the previous series of The Apprentice- but I've found myself totally addicted to the current one. Most of all- the thing that intruiges me about it- is how they've managed to choose a group of hopefuls which despite their supposed business accumen are practically devoid of any creative flair. The episode about creating the pet food brand and the "freemium" magazine had me shouting at the telly.

So that's why when they announced at the end of last week's show that this week's challenge would be to create a new biscuit- I was excited. Biscuits: now that's my area of expertise! I doodled a few ideas before popping my shortbread creation in the oven this afternoon.

Ladies and gentlemen- I give you: Sugared Alans! Packed with extra sugary energy for high-flying young go-getters and the recently fired alike, Sugared Alans are a perfect everyday treat.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Team Logic and Venture are going to come up with to rival my Alan Sugar inspired munchies.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Morning Coffee, anyone?

After rooting through my sketchbook last night I came across this little "watercolour" Morning Coffee biscuit I painted a while ago. (I say watercolour in inverted commas as I actually painted it in black coffee. So I suppose that would make it "Coffeecolour")

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Things Which Have Made Today Brilliant

Before I start- I'd like to say Thank You! to everyone who has made a nice comment or taken the time to blog (Craftsville and ILike) or tweet about my new Caramel Wafer cushions. It was really great to get such positive feedback and so many sales in their first week- so for that- Cheers very much!

So- today I found myself in the Scotland's fair city of Perth. I didn't have much time to myself but I did get a look in a few of the many charity shops in the centre. I resisted a lot- however did get a huge selection of embroidery threads which I'd been on the look out for this week after seeing this nostalgic tutorial for Freindship Bracelets via Fashimi's twitter. I also found little packets of vintage postage stamps from all over the world. I got about 40 for £1.00. The ones in the photo are from 1958 Hungary. I have no idea what I'm going to do with them- but the artwork on some of them is so beautiful I couldn't resist.

And then- I arrived home to find my hand-printed Crystal Forms tote bag by Cuppateaandcake - had arrived. It is really beautiful in "real life" and I absolutely can't wait to tote around my wares in it. I suggest you order one today!

As an unrelated treat- here's a photo of my mum's stripy cat, Alfie with his new Caramel wafer cushion. It's stripes-city!

Friday, 3 June 2011

New Cushions: Caramel Wafers

So after a week of late nights, and long days screen-printing, they're here! They have been my most time consuming make yet- with not one, but TWO layers of hand-printed fabric which I've appliqued together. I'm so pleased with how they've turned out- It's going to be hard sending these away to their new homes!

My new Caramel Wafer inspired cushions are available to buy in my shop. Happy days!