Monday, 25 April 2011

Under Construction

After locking myself in the flat for the last week- I have finally started to get my head around web-design. It's a slow process but I'm learning lots and I'm definitely on my way to having my very own, built-by-me website! You can have a peep as it is at the moment over at

I'll be putting it all together along with a nice fresh new look over the next few weeks- and will let you know when the grand unveiling will take place

In the mean time keep up with me on twitter.

Friday, 8 April 2011

The Weather is Sweet

Not only yesterday was I praying for time to move a bit faster towards my sunny holiday in Cyprus this July- and now the weather in Dundee is GLORIOUS! So, this morning I set up office on my window ledge, opened the window and caught me some rays: as this might be my only opportunity to get some sunshine:

A) In Scotland

B) In April

C) From my gardenless 4th floor flat.

I'm tryin on the garden front though- check out my jolly Daffodils outside! And seeing as the weather is warming up- it is most definitely time to break out the Ice Cream Sandwiches! The ones in my photo above are so easy to make- they're just a good vanilla ice cream in between 2 digestives- then put back into the freezer to turn the biscuit slightly soft. So good!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Lovely Pigeon: Beards and Tiaras

I got some fab news this morning when I found out that my Princess Mallow drawing is to be included in the Lovely Pigeon Beards and Tiaras exhibition in Anstruther from the 29th of April to the 9th of May. Not only will there be an exhibition of beardy and tiara-laden artwork, but also, A Right Royal Pop-Up- where my Nikkimade biscuity design will be available to buy!

My Princess Mallow will be onsale alongside the work of some fabulous artists and illustrators for the price of £25.

So if your invite for the royal wedding has gotten lost in the post- celebrate in style with Lovely Pigeon and co!