Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Maternity Leave Cupcakes

A few cupcakes I baked for a work colleague who was leaving to have a baby. I need to find more excuses to take cake into work- I was very popular that day!


craftyjemima said...

Oh my word those look divine! My cupcakes always come out wonky and never look that good. I need cupcake lessons :(

Amyrose said...

They look amazing, my icing never looks that good. I recently made chocolate lime cakes, lime flavoured cake with a choclate icing centre, like a butterfly cake. They went down very well. Oh and I received the chocolate zine pack, gorgeous, and thanks for the badge, its pinned on my sun hat. Milk chews are my favourite!! x

Nikki McWilliams said...

No problem Amy- glad you liked your badge!

And Nerys- If I could send you one in post, I certainly would!