Saturday, 3 July 2010

Teacakes for your couch

What a busy morning I've had already! I'm using this morning to prepare for Say No To Plastic tomorrow at Oran Mor, Glasgow.

I'll be previewing my newest creation- the Tunnock's Teacake Cushion tomorrow- which I just finished making a big batch of today. Screen-printed at Dundee's DCA print studios- these Teacake inspired plushies have been really popular with all who've seen them already, and I've even sold a few!

They're currently available over at my Folksy shop- so pop your head round the door when you get a chance!

If you're coming along to Oran Mor tomorrow afternoon, i'll be there with NikkiMade (of course with some Teacake cushions!), as well as my cousin Danni and I's Tights For Sore Eyes, which are currently only available to buy at the shows we we'll see you there!


me said...

Great work Nikki! I'm going to have to buy on of your tunnocks teacakes pillow you know! Are they on your etsy? x

Nikki McWilliams said...

Hey Hilary! Thanks- being surrounded by lovely plushies was quite inspiring:) They're over on Folksy!

Flossy and Dossy said...

Your works lovely, I've bookmarked your shop for the next time i'm buying birthday presents!

I love those cushions, I think I'll need to treat myself to one!


Nikki McWilliams said...

Thanks! Had a nosey at your blog- LOVE the horrockses dress- very tempted to try to make my own!

cordelia said...

I just bought a teacake cushion on Folksy. I love them - they make me very happy, so thank you for being so clever