Friday, 26 March 2010

A Cake for a Greenkeeper & Things to Come

I've had a few cake commissions recently and have been so caught up in the midst of making them I've not had the chance to blog- so here I am!

This one is a birthday cake for a proud green-keeper, who loves listening to music while he works. The teeny headphones were a challenge, but I think I pulled it off! I also crafted a Nissan 350z (A wee black sports car for the non-car buffs among us) in cake, which you can see along with some more cakey creations including some cupcakes I made for the Central Station Pop Up Tour in Dundee here.

One a less cakey and more biscuity note, keep your eyes peeled for a new project by Lauren Gentry and I, especially if you're visiting the International Artists Book Fair in Glasgow this April!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Choccy Biccy @ Now Now

This week I worked on a collaborative Zine with Lauren Gentry called "Choccy Biccy". The Zine has been sent to Glasgow's Montgomerys Cafe for Now Now Projects' Zine Showcase, which opens this Sunday, 14th of March, and runs until the 4th of April. So if you're down Glasgow-way and you fancy nabbing yourself one of the 40 Free Zines we've sent- drop into Montgomerys, for a cuppa and your Biscuit/Zine fix.
Nowhere near Glasgow? Don't despair, "Choccy Biccy" is also available for Free Download, here! Just print each page onto either side of one sheet of A4 paper, fold into quarters, et voila!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Featured on Folksy

I was very pleased to discover that my beloved "Emergency Tea" Badge has been featured in Folksy's Mothers' Day selection!
These were really popular at both Vintage Village and Jumpers and Jamoree recently, and would be perfect for tea loving Mum's this sunday! To ensure yours arrives in time, be sure to order before 12 noon on Thursday the 11th of March!

Biscuity doodles

Although I draw all the time, not much of it seems to find its way onto my blog, which I'm going to make a conscious effort to do something about!

Without giving too much away, these tasty treats are my half of a collaboration with Lauren Gentry for a Zine Showcase in Glasgow.

More information on where our art will be popping up, very soon!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Jumpers and Jamboree: A Success!

After only a few very busy days of organisation, Jumpers and Jamboree kicked off on Tuesday night with 20 fabulous exhibitors and hoardes of excited visitors! A huge thank-you to all of our exhibitors who showed such an eclectic variety of beautiful and well-made work, and everyone who came along for a peep! My personal highlights included the musical banjo interludes, presenting Jen Collins with her surprise birthday cake and Lauren McCorkindale and Jenni Mackenzie's hilarious beardy banter!

Thank you also to Kokomo's who stopped at nothing to help us in hosting our night and Paddy Stevenson, our photographer for the night, who did a brilliant job capturing the atmosphere of the night. For all of the photos, join the J&J Flickr group.

Jen, Lauren and I were so chuffed with the whole night that we've already talked about having stay tuned for more info!

If you missed Jumpers and Jamboree and would like to read more about the night and how it came about, click here for our illustrated PDF.

Something To Do, If You're Hungry!

My Fry-Up Breakfast badge has been featured in Lauren Gentry's fantastic Something to Do Zine! Each issue is a visual and interactive treat, with a selection of downloadable/printable/photocopyable artwork and also an online project for you to be part of. Lauren's last zine featured the excellent "How many ways can you draw an apple" project, to which received contributions from far and wide. You can have a peep at the assortment of apple drawings here or download and print your own copy of the new edition.

The Fry-Up Breakfast badge is available to buy in my Folksy shop.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

J&J Freebies

I've made a limited edition of 10 Jumpers and Jamboree button badges- these will be available at the event tonight (Kokomo's, 7.30pm, Old Hawkhill Dundee) absolutely FREE! It's first come-first serve, and once they're gone, they're gone! Another reason to get yourself along to Jumpers and Jamboree sharp tonight!

Jumpers and Jamboree Exhibitors

I bet you're dying to know who's going to be at Jumpers and Jamboree tomorrow! Here's a sneaky peak at 4 of the 20 exhibitors:

The other exhibitors can be found over at Lauren and Jen's blogs.

See you tomorrow night!