Thursday, 17 March 2011

My New Cushions and Our New Couch

One of my goals this year was to design a new cushion- and I did that a wee while back when I introduced the Custard Cream cushion. I had a few more doodles in the sketchbook- and I was saving them until I had a week away from the day-job to try them out- and these are what I came up with- all new Chocolate Bourbon Cushion (And here they are displayed on our smart new couch!)

They're bigger than any cushion I've made yet (at a whopping 12" x 24") and are made from a lovely thick chocolate brown cotton.

On another note- I recently entered the Honda: Made in Britain design competition- and was lucky enough to be asked by their team to do a little interview with them. You can read what they asked me and what I said here.

I've noticed a few new followers lately- so hello to you all! Don't forget to leave me a wee comment to say hello :)

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