Friday, 23 September 2011

London, Rain & Raffaellos

It's now two weeks since I set off for London and Top Drawer-and it feels like yesterday, and months ago all at the same time. I've had loads on my to-do list since I've been back, including blogging, which has steadily been getting further and further down my list. So- today I am catching up- here's a fortnight in pictures and a wee bit about what I've been up to!

Top Row: Sticking up my logo vinyls and catching the train to the Olympia at Top Drawer
Second Row: Lovely birthday chocolates from my friend Veronika and meeting kittens
Third Row: The dawn sky from the London to Glasgow sleeper train and drinking champagne at Zandra Rhodes' Jewellery launch
Bottom Row: Insanely lucky charity shop find: New Toffel Swedish Hasbeens for £6.00 and our gloriously sideways Scottish weather

With daylight hours getting shorter, and the familiar sight of fairisle emerging in the shops- winter is approaching fast! Time to dig out the scarf and mittens to brave the cold- and a pair of 150 deniers if I want to give the Hasbeens an outing in 2011.


Alexandra Snowdon said...

Great pics, especially the little kitty!

Ionwen Charlesworth... said...

Loving this style of post! Fab twinks! Ohhh and indeed what a blissful find with the Hasbeens. Loves Ionwen X

aimee said...

i love your biscuit cushions they are fab. im now a follower xxx

Nikki McWilliams said...

Thanks Alex- I could have actually taken that wee cat home- she was lovely!

Ionwen- the Hasbeens were such an exciting find- I couldnt believe no one else had seen them!

Hello Aimee- welcome to my blog- and thanks for following! Thanks for your lovely compliments :)


The Wilder Things said...

Those sandals! What a wonderful blog. I'm a follower for sure now :)