Thursday, 16 February 2012

Cushions & Cats

Other than biscuits and cushions- my other love in this world has got to be cats. This is my mum's cat, Alfie, who decided to "help" during my photoshoot for my Nice Biscuit cushion. Usually when cats try to help you with your work, they plonk themselves down and sit right on top of it.

This time was no different- but I reckon Alfie makes a pretty good model! If Tyra Banks ever decides to do a kitty-version of ANTM then I think he definitely has a good shot!

I've started a Cushions & Cats album over on my facebook page (which is probably a subconscious attempt at spending more time looking at pictures of cute kitties on the internet!)


t-boo said...

tHe's a gorgeous cat. The cushions aren't bad either :-)

dropstitch said...

Great modelling, Alfie! I think he definitely adds to the cushions' appeal. Nice (in so many ways).

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

He's a natural, it's ver near impossible to get a decent photo of any of my cats unless they are asleep.
Aye and the cushion is nice too, *cringes* at the rubbish joke.
Ali x

Nikki McWilliams said...

Thanks everyone! Alfie is SUCH a wee poser. I think I have about 1287 photos on my phone, all of him. Wait until I post a video, you're going to love him!

Cavy.girl said...

Cool cushions AND cute animals?! Amazing! Very cool pics. And I love the cushions. :-)

Kind regards