Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New Postage Prices- 2012

A few weeks ago- Royal Mail announced their annual price increase on postage.  The day that the news was announced, my Twitter feed was ablaze with stunned small business owners- and rightly so: with postage prices increasing by between 30% and 39%.

The unfortunate reality of this is that many of the postage prices in my shop are going to have to increase- however, I am relieved to say that it won't be by as much as 30%.  The service which I use most frequently (Royal Mail Packets, for sending individual cushion orders) has only increased very slightly for the average weight I send- so in the case of individual cushions- the P&P on these will only see a small increase.

P&P on smaller items (for example brooches and prints) will sadly have slightly higher % price increase than that of the cushion P&P- with the price on large letter stamps jumping from 75p - 90p.

New postage prices will take effect in all of my online outlets, including Big Cartel, Etsy & Folksy from the 30th of April 2012. 

Apologies for such a gloomy post- I promise I'll have some good news in my next blog article!


Lynne said...

I know it's so frustrating! I'll have to increase my prices too but I want to keep them under a certain level so I'll have to absorb some of the cost. My postage averages out - some things are more + some are less - but because parcels which cost £1.96 before are going to be £2.70 - it's going to cost me much more.

Nikki McWilliams said...

Hi Lynne,

I know- I think it's going to be a hard year for a lot of small businesses. Tough times!

Cavy.girl said...

Royal Mail is being incredibly unfair. I can't believe they can get away with such a high increase because it isn't justified by the service they provide.